Friday, November 28, 2008

Get You Child Barack Obama Books today!

That's right, purchase your child a couple of Barack Omaba books, it's the best present ever!

Peace & Love!
Brown Sistah

Know Your History ~Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth's fight for the abolition of slavery, women's rights, and her attempt to help former slaves has made her a legend in American history. Despite the scars of slavery and the inability to read, she became a respected public speaker and advocate for the oppressed.

I believe that each Black Child should know their history, as well as the Adults. I'm be honest, I don't know much about our Black History and I haven't really taught my children much either about black history, probably, once a month and that will some change. It will change because I'mma change it, I'm going to starting buying Black History books, I'm going to take some classes and it's a lot of information online that I can research and learn about, so therefore I'm going to teach it to my children. I'm excited about that:-) Black History, in my opinion should not only be taught during the month of February, but throughout life period. Please, educate yourself and educate your kids about black history.

Peace & Love!
Brown Sistah

Saturday, November 15, 2008

8 Reasons to Read Daily!

Greetings Parents, I would like to give you 8 Great Reasons to Read with Your Child Every Day!

(1) To improve your child's listening skills and attention span.

(2) To share stories and ideas with one another.

(3) To broaden your child's world. When you read together, children can understand and enjoy books written above their independent reading level.

(4) To exchange ideas and opinions as you discuss the story together.

(5) To present reading as a pleasurable experience your child will want to do alone.

(6) To introduce your child to a variety of subjects, authors, and illustrators.

(7) To build your child's vocabulary.

(8) To increase your child's sense of security, safety, and confidence.

Parents, please read to your child at least 30min a day and if you have teenagers encourage them to read also.

Peace & Blessings,
Pretty Brown Sistah

Nice Christmas Books for Children!

The Christmas Holiday is coming, How about getting your child/ teen the best African American Books to read.Great Reasonable prices, several books about our New Black President Barack Obama, plus many, many more! Just click on the book of your choice and I'm sure you and your child/teen would be very happy! Why would they ask for more. Reading is fundamental. So go ahead, What are you waiting for, order today!

Peace & Blessings!