Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Read Daily!

This is a brand new day...

The past has passed. This day is a gift, a day I have never seen before.

I am breathing in new health, gratitude, peace and love.

I have the tenacity to solve my challenges and create my goals.

I feel worthy of receiving respect, peace, love and the abundant life.

I am not in this world alone. I know other people around me have their

own pain, dreams, emotional issues, values and personal rights.

I'm learning to interact and serve others with respect, integrity and


I follow through on what I start. I am worthy, loving and capable of

achieving my personal definition of success. I am strong and know

what I want and what I am willing to work for. My worth is not

defined by marital status, age, race, religion, job, gender, body

image, income, address, car or accomplishments.

This is a brand new day to live without apology and to live with

gratitude, courage, hope, love, discernment and faith. I am growing

each day with inner strength to overcome the challenges of life.

I'm learning everyday to forgive myself and draw emotional

boundaries around those who have hurt me as I release my anger

and forgive them. I am taking better care of myself. When I

experience the "joy stealers" of depression, guilt, low self-esteem,

clutter, fear, doubt, temptation or procrastination ... I am willing to

recognize and resolve my unhealthy patterns. I'm learning that all

relationships are teachers. I am developing wise judgment and

boundaries to know which people in my life are the lifters and which

ones are the leaners. I am using my time, talent and treasures in

better ways because I realize that each day is a gift. Today I am

focused on my goals and priorities because I am learning how

to keep the main thing...THE MAIN THING! I choose to live on

higher ground and not drown in the sea of negativity, self-pity and

unfulfillment. My life is growing in a positive new direction.

I am feel worthy, ready and open to receive "unusual blessings."

I am too blessed to be stressed. I see and feel something new in myself

and in those around me. My possibilities and potential for success are

unlimited. I am discovering the truth that sets me free to be more

whole, relaxed, trusting, active and optimistic. I am always in the

right place at the right time with the right outlook. My very presence

impacts others in a positive way. I am attracting into my life people

and circumstances to take my life to the next level of awareness and

abundance. Those things that use to tempt and tear me apart, no

longer hold so much power over me because I am learning each day

how to stay in the light of God's power, peace, protection, provision

and a positive state of mind. This is a brand new day and I will be

glad in it. Yes, there will be issues out of my control and yet

opportunities to grow in my faith and courage. No matter what

challenges or changes I must face today, this is the day the Lord has

made. I am still here and there is nothing that is going to happen

today that my God and I together can't handle. I will do my best to

reduce my stress and until further notice...God is in charge.

~ Daily Affirmation written by Jewel Diamond Taylor